Madico FAQs

What material is Madico heavy-duty felt made of, and how does it compare to other materials on the market?

Our felt is made from polyester fibres, which provide the best combination of softness and durability. Acrylic felt tends to lack softness, whereas natural wool, though soft, tends to wear off quickly, leaving messy small particles on the floor.

What makes a quality felt product? How does FELTAC™ compare to other felts pads on the market?

Sticking power, thickness, softness, durability are important factors:

  • A quality adhesive will not separate from the felt, even in the presence of liquids.
  • Thinner felt is less durable, and thicker felt will affect stability.
  • Density and fiber diameter determine how soft the felt will be. The optimal combination provides softness, stability and durability all in one.

Only FELTAC™ offers the best combination of softness, sticking power, durability, thickness, stability and colour, with over 25 years of experience to back it up.

Madico FELTAC pads versus cheap felt pads

What is ‘glue injection technology’? What is the science behind FELTAC™?

MADICO’s unique manufacturing process injects hot-melt PVAc (polyvinyl acetate) resin glue two-thirds deep into the felt pad. This ensures that your felt pad will remain adhered and provide a stable base to resist sheering forces, such as a sliding chair. Competing cheaper products only use double-sided tape.

The Madico FELTAC difference

What is ECO FELTAC™?

ECO FELTAC™ pads are made from 85% recycled fibers to reduce their environmental footprint. Also, their compact, space-saving packaging printed on FSC-approved and recycled card further increases their credentials.

What differentiates FELTAC™ from ULTRA FELTAC™?

While FELTAC™ and ECO FELTAC™ are self-adhesive felt, ULTRA FELTAC™ pairs a non-adhesive, felt-only pad with a custom-designed self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand fastener pad that stays in place when replacing the worn-out felt pad. This operation becomes a simple matter of detaching and reattaching a new felt-only FELTAC™ pad. No need to scrape the old felt off, and no need to sand the leg for a new felt pad. It is the safest, easiest and quickest way to install and replace felt pads.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.